September 08, 2006

They are afraid...very afraid

The picture below shows the new Schermerhon Symphony Cneter, in Nashville, Tennessee, of all places. I am sincerely moved by the idea that a building of such magnificence is permissible in this age of crushing conformism (to the lowest common denominator of jagged glass abortions). Conversely, I am depressed by the fact that in London anything of this quality would be absolutely "forbidden" by the uglyrati.

Predictably, the mainstream trendy-buildingoids press lashed out with venom and ridicule. One particularly offensive hack reffered to it as a "a fancy bordello in a colorful frontier town".

Why the opprobrium? They are afraid. No one but the group-thinkers at starchitecture magazines buys the cretinous mock-nihilism of the latest fad - deconstructivism -- and old-school minimalism hs devolved into post-brutalism. The classical renaissance is nipping at their sorry heels; all they can do is snarl back.

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